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New website is now -

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We have installed a lot of new exciting features in our website and we hope you love it.


New website is now -

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New website  -

Big Announcement

First of all, we would like to thank you, our customers, for this one year journey.  Back in May 2018, we made this website so that customers can shop conveniently. Even though, we always try to upgrade our website , we somehow felt that it was not perfect and  that it lacked something.  We felt our customers deserve better. This year, we feel that we have become better thanks to you, and  that we need to be much better. Therefore, we are building a new website with a new domain name,  and with new exciting features. We are shutting down our original website, this one,  at the end of May, 2019. Don't worry. A better looking and more professional e-commerce website is coming very soon. So stay tune fellas! We won't disappoint you. Again, thank you for this journey.

About Us

Arduino, Electronics Equipment, Hydraulic Jack in Yangon


We are a mixture of youngsters and experienced employees who are chill, friendly, fun to hang out with, and enthusiastic about tech. Customers will find Arduino, electronic training equipment, and hydraulic accessories in our online store, and we are always trying to expand our product catalogs. We primarily  aim to provide three things to our customers - unique, different and  quality. 

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Arduino Product (China)


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Arduino Product (Fayalab)


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Hydraulic Tools and Equipment (SUN RUN)


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